Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

My favorite DIY blogger Centsational Girl is having a Link Party for Favorite Kitchen Gadgets, favorite blogger and topic no way I could missed it.

When it come to kitchen gadgets, I am very simple and old fashion. However, I do have a few must have gadgets that does the job that I can't do or quicker than manually. Here they are:

Tiger rice cooker, I'm Vietnamese and in Vietnam we used to eat rice like 3 meals a day. But here in America I compare us eating rice like the American eating bread/pasta/potato. My mom and sisters used to cook rice with no measuring cup, no electronic rice cooker, instead they have to aim for the right amount of rice and water, cooked on charcoal or dried rice straw. In this modern day, here I’m can’t imagine my life without a electronic rice cooker, in about 15 minutes I’ve a nice hot bowl of rice.

Magic Bullet Set, a best xmas gift from my girlfriend couple years ago; and oh how I love this thing. Just like it adversities, I used it for smoothies, and for cooking such as chopping, mincing, and chunky. I love how it comes in various cups size and mugs, so easy and convince.
After years of cooking, I just automatically know the amount of ingredients to put in a dish. But ever since I decided to put my cooking into recipes, measuring cup and spoon sets are must have.

My dad gave us this KitchenAid Tea Kettle in white, and since I'm a tea girl I so loving it.


  1. I came for the Linky party, but I'm staying for the food!. Will have to come back and get to know you better! Ditto for the rice cooker. i have an old fashioned Japanes Toshiba that i used so often that the pan wore through! I found a good replacement for the pan, and now hove a fancy one, but I still like my old Toshiba

    1. Hi There, thanks for visit my blog, do you have one that I can check it out? Who doesn't want food at a party right..very clever! Did you check out toshiba.com see if they still carry your model?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment, Binh (or Ashley?). I love your blog title by the way... very creative! :) We're huge tea drinkers too... do you have any favorites?

    1. Call me Binh is just fine! :) I’m caffeine sensitive, I can take some caffeine tea but not coffee. My current favorites are Chrysanthemum Bud Tea, Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice, Roasted Bancha twig tea. I'm on a hunt for Jasmine Bud Tea (not the regular Jasmine tea) to try. My friend just gave me some green tea sample and it's so awesome no bitterness, I think it's Oolong not sure what type I need to find out the name.

    2. Mmm.. I love Chrysanthemum tea! Except I can't find it anywhere... where do you get yours? We like Teavana a lot but it can get really expensive. I'm pretty sure they have the Jasmine Bud Tea.

      Thanks again for sharing, Binh! :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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