Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vit Kho Sa (Vietnamese Braised Duck with Lemongrass)

We were craving for my mom’s Vit Kho Sa (Vietnamese Braised Duck with Lemongrass), so last night I decided to try to make it. While it turned out really good; however, the taste wasn’t the same as when mom cooked it. So I’m not going to share the recipe just yet, will consolidate with her to see what I’ve missed. Don’t you sometime crave the taste of mom’s cook food that you can never replicate it? I guess will just have to visit my parents more often.

Meanwhile, here are photos of my version Vit Kho Sa, we ate with white rice and pickled bean sprout that I made.
Marinated Duck
Vit Kho Xa (Braised Duck with Lemongrass)


  1. Yes I agree nothing like mom's cooking! I think you did great job just by trying to replicate...Can't wait to see recipe when you succeed!

  2. Mmm.. I love duck and anything with lemongrass! Looking forward to the recipe! L


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