Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Shopping, Food Festival and Gardening

Pass weekend is full of events, but mostly involved gardening.

Friday didn't goes as I plan, but did finished some errands. End up shopping in Georgetown with a girlfriend; finally, I got to go to Zara, scored a white blaze and a blue skinny jean. Later we met up with few more friends for a nice dinner at Leopold's. 

Saturday, went to food festival for Lao/Thai/Cambodia New Year at Wat Lao Buddhavong Temple. We like to go here every year for some papaya salad, meat on the stick, sugar can drink, and snacks. This year we also bought plants but I'll blog about it in my next gardening post. After the event, we went to a Vietnamese market to buy more plants, went home and worked on the garden for a little bit before headed to a friend's 30th birthday. It was an awesome party with fun games and good food; got to hang out with hubby's friends and their kids. Sorry I don't have any picture for the day.

Sunday, after church we visited Merrifield Garden Center, I had bought couple Groupon, so we got some soils, flowers and cilantro. I was overwhelmed with many different choices; we'll have to come back another time. However, I felt in love with their Orchid's green house, I want to move their green house home with me.
Merrifield Garden Center

Got home, prepped some food, worked a little bit more on the garden; the day end with a drive home to visit my parents.

Note: I used Instagram and frametastic for a quick photos edit.

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