Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Outdoor and Indoor Gardens

This is the first year we try out gardening. Our house has a lot of big trees, and especially the one in our back yard. I think it's as old as the house, roots are all over and we knew it won't be good for gardening. So we build a raised garden bed back in March, but the weather in East Coast has been up and down. We didn't plan anything until a few weeks ago, and yet the weather still has been crazy. I have these small wood applicator sticks in hands that I normally use for waxing, but it also come in handy for garden labels. I really want to be created on the containers, but just don't have the time yet.

Containers garden included Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Ram), Mint, Cilantro, Thai Lime tree, Thai Basil, Thai Chili, and Limnophila Aromatica (Ngo Om).
Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Ram)
Thai Lime Tree
Thai Basil

Our Raised garden bed contains Eggplants, Malabar Spinach (Mong Toi), Bitter Melon (Kho Qua), Luffa (Muop), I've save the space for lecture seeds. But squirrels have been invaded my yard, so I've held back on that. Do you have any tips to keep squirrels away?

Raised Garden Bed, Egg Plants and Malabar Spinach
Bitter Melon and  Luffa

Malabar Spinach

Indoor garden, around our house and on our bay window, Cymbidium orchids; Phalaenopsis orchids; Jasmine; Aloe; Christmas cactus; miniature pomegranate; and some other Green plants that I don't know the name.
Purple Cymbidium by Bay Window
Yellow Cymbidium by Fireplace mantel
Purple Phalaenopsis by Bay Window
Greenish Yellow Phalaenopsis, Miniature Pomegranate,
and other green plants by Bay Window

Christmas Cactus
I've been hold out on showing our mini gardens since the raised garden bed isn't complete, but today I'm exciting to do a post for link parties.


  1. things like this make me wish I didn't kill every plant I had, or even just looked at. I love flowers.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for visiting my blog, do you have one I can take a look? Some sunshine, little water, a little care and you'll have beautiful flowers. :)

  2. My plants outside are starting to grow now too! I love spring and when it all starts to get colourful again!

    Thanks for your lovely comment btw!

    Kisses from Austria,

    1. Yup, I love April showers bring May flowers!

  3. Looks like you are well on your way to enjoying a lot of great vegatables and flowers this summer. I'm afraid I can't offer you any tips with the squirrels other than to get dogs. Our dachshunds love to chase the squirrels in our yard up the trees. Our biggest garden eaters are the rabbits, so we don't grow as much as I'd like. Thanks for sharing your garden with us at Your Cozy Home Party!

    1. I'm hoping to benefit from the vegetables, a lot of money invested. :) We do have a dog, but she "Leilani" isn't outside all the time.

  4. Vegetable gardens are so nice. I just love fresh ripe tomatoes from the garden. We do have a problem with squirrels.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm on my way over to visit your!


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