Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travel Thursday: My Bachelorette in NYC

Today, I’m going to relive those single days before got hitched, we often call it a “bachelorette” party. My bridesmaids and girlfriends threw me an amazing party, included 14 girls in NYC for a 3 days weekend in August 13-15, 2010. We stayed at “Salisbury” hotel in Mid-town on 57th street, it’s an older hotel, but the suites were spacious and 2 suites can accommodated the 14 of us.

This is how my weekend started, shot for breakfast (nastiness breakfast ever)

Here are the few rules and games, let the fun begin!
custom made tank tops

On Friday, we all took the Mega Bus from Washington DC to NYC, but all arrived at different time. We planned to all met up for the night event, myself and 5 other girls got there early in the day. We had Joe's Shanghai on 56th street for lunch (it’s only a block from our hotel). Their two special soup dumplings are crab and pork meat, it was pretty yummy and interesting. However, have to warn you, if you take a big bite it might burn your tongue. After lunch, we walked to Times Square to explore the city and the shops, some of us end up with ice cream and some end up with Magnolia Bakery (banana pudding was the best). We even take pictures with the “love” symbol.

After walking for few hours, our legs were tired and time to head back to the hotel. We picked up chicken and rice on our way back for dinner, I have to say it’s the best meal we had in NYC. We meet up with the rest of the girl at the hotel for pregame and get ready for the big night. The girls wore black and I wore purple, we had a bottle service at Crimson. We all had a fantastic time; well at least I know I did.

this sum up the night, Blurry!

Saturday scheduled was, lunch at Ippudo, shopping at Soho, dinner and drag queens show at Lips, back to the hotel for questionnaire game, and 230 5th Ave Rooftop lounge.

Ippudo was disappointed, not sure, if it was because we had to wait 2 hrs for table or we were full from the snacks. The presentation was nice, but $14 for a bowl of Ramen noodle with 2 thinly slices of pork just didn’t do it. However, their pork buns were to die for!
Ippudo's Ramen Noodle

Some people went to Soho for shopping after lunch, while I joined the other group to go back to the hotel, to relax my feet and get some rest for another night of fun events.

I had the best & the most unique experiences at Lips (the Drag Queens show); they are the best, food and drinks were good, and I laughed my heart out.

Aside from the tasks I had to complete from the girls’ tank tops; there was also how well do I know my groom game. The girls put me under oath with a series of questions on me/him/relationship, where they already got the answer from Mr.K in advance. If my answer didn’t match with his, I had to take a shot. It was kind of fun, they each go around and ask me questions and I gave them my goofy answer and we all just laugh. They were generous on pouring my shots, as they want me to be able to enjoy the rest of the night.

230 5th Ave Rooftop lounge is a nice with great view of NYC, which included a view of the Empire State. We took it easy, just a few drinks with mingles and more laughter.

Sunday was our last day, departed to our bus at 5 pm. We visited China town, had Dim Sum for lunch, more shopping in soho, and bought a lot of food. The weekend ended with a picnic in Central park with all the food we bought from China town. What an amazing and memorable weekend, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you again ladies, after more than a year I still remember the weekend with y’all vividly.
Central Park

*All Photos were taken by my friends.

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :)

  2. Wow! That was one "looong" bachelorette party. Sounds and looks like you had a real blast with your gal pals.

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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