Friday, June 15, 2012

Costa Rica: Part 1

Hello again, I  hope you haven’t forgotten me. I took a long break from blogging and do have a good reason for it. We were on vacation in Costa Rica for 6 days well more like 4 days since we spent 2 days traveling. We just got home at 3 am on Thursday morning. I’ll be sharing a lot of photos from our vacation in the mean time, while I play catch-up. Also, our internet is acting, we are in the transition of switching provider.

It was one of the most troublesome trip ever, where everything possibility went wrong. We found out hubby’s passport has expired when we checking in last Thursday at the airport, so our trip got delayed a day. We spent a whole day running around and a lot of phone calls with the airline, travel agent, and passport rush service. Thank you to for straightens out with the airline for us to be able to flight out the next day. Strike all the hassles; we were determent to have a great vacation. These photos are our "staycation" since we were still in Washington DC getting his passport done.

Friday was deja vu, we went back to the airport to fly out. Landed in San Jose, CR around 4:30pm local time, and picked up our car rental. We still have to drive about 3 hours to get to our first hotel Linda Vista in La Fortuna area. It's the rainy season in Costa Rica, the road was so curvy and foggy made it so hard to drive at night; kudos to hubby for getting us to the hotel safely. It was quite a challenging ride, our hotel located on the top of the mountain, so we had to drive up on an unpaved road without light for about 15km. It was the longest 15km ever because we only did 5-10miles per hour, we got settled into the hotel around 9:30pm;  it was dark we can barely see anything. However, we woke up to the sounds of birds singing with an amazing view, too bad it was cloudy most of the time.

Lake view from Linda Vista Hotel
Volcano View from Linda Vista Hotel
humidity messed up my hair
Lake view in the evening
Volcano view in the evening
Stay tuned for my series of posts on Costa Rica, some of the excursions we enjoyed are: Zip lining, hiking in rainforest, Tabacon Hot Springs, Cano Negro (National Wildlife Refuge), and Calypso cruises.


  1. Looks like you had great vacation. I love your pics, very pretty as well as you!

    1. Thanks Sandra, you're too sweet. We had a lovely view.

  2. Very beautiful photos! First time visiting your blog and would love to follow you to be back for more :D

    1. Hi Zoe, Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to get to know you.


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