Monday, June 18, 2012

Costa Rica: Part 2

I’m not so much of an adventure person when it involved with heights, but I’ve read a lot that one thing must do in Costa Rica is zip lining. I know my partner would enjoy it, so I bit my tongue and initiated that we do zip lining. I was about to pee in my pants half way through the first long line. Shortly, I found out a trick to recoup myself; don’t ever look down directly, instead look from side to side. Plus the amazing view of the lake and mountain took my fear away. Awesome, friendly and helpful staff at Sky Adventures provided us such a magnificent experience. We did the combo which included: sky tram, Sky trek (zip lining) and sky walk (hiking through the rainforest). Half way through the hike it began to thunderstorm and rain, I must say it was the most adventuress trip ever in my life.
In Sky Tram, ready to go up for zip lining

This is when I almost pee in my pants
Hiking in Arenal Rainforest
Amazing lake view
There were total 5 hanging bridges in Arenal Rainforest

Back to the nature, monkey.

It was raining, so I used my point and shot for this one.
Last photo from hiking since it rains and thunderstorm.
La Fortuna
Really late Lunch at La Choza de Laurel (after zip lining and hiking)
My yummy rice and shrimps


  1. You are brave, brave, brave girl....i would scream on top of my lungs. Oh the things we do for love :))
    Loving your photos in this part 2, too!

    1. Thanks Sandra, I'm glad you enjoy the photos. Oh trust me I screamed, but at some point I couldn't hear myself. :) Yup all for love.


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