Friday, June 1, 2012

Feature Friday: A Wonderful Person in My Life

It has been a rough week and I have no recipe, travel, or inspiration post to share. So I’m going to share with you something more meaningful to me. I am greatly thankful for a great family, awesome friends, and fantastic in-law. However, today I’m thankful to have Mr.K “hubby”; I couldn’t have carry on life without him. I know I don’t give him enough credit on a regular basic, so I like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I’m to have him as a life partner.

We are getting ready to host our nephew Tommy’s first birthday this weekend. Our house is a hot mess; he has initiated to clean up the house in the last few days. On a regular day, not only has he helped with chores at home such as doing dishes, laundry, mopping, and my handy man; but also he does it without a word of complaint. He is extremely easy-going and genuine kind of person, with great heart and tranquil personality. On top of that, he keeps up with my insanity; and always tells me to just “be happy, smile, breath, and everything will be alright”. So thank you for standing by my side, to support, to comfort, and to help me fall back on.

I rewarded him with full meal last night.
Stir Fried Conch with Chives

Kimchi Seawee Tofu Soup


  1. So sweet, Binh! We're both very lucky to have wonderful husbands. :D We should definitely let them know more often!

    By the way, those dishes look so yummy! I love that kind of food...totally drooling right now!

    Will you be sharing the recipes soon? ;)

  2. Yes, I'll share recipes soon I hope, I made them pretty often. Hope you had a great weekend Weiya!


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