Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Corner Curio Cabinet

I have so much to share, but have been super busy lately. Hang in there, I’ll have update on our little garden and few recipes with vegetables from the garden.

Do remember my mood board for the dining room? Well I purchased the 3 pieces reflection and loving it, but it felt crowded to have it in the dining room. Therefore, I’ve placed it in my family room under the TV (this was my back up plan before I’ve decided to purchased it). Since then I’ve been searching for a perfect White Corner Curio Cabinet; there are a lot of options for the dark colors but not white. I tried the cheaper method with Craigslist, hope to find one that I really like and paint it, but no luck. However, I finally found this one “Philip Reinisch Panorama Corner Curio Cabinet” and in love with it, but the price tag isn’t so loving. It’s currently 31% off, but still with a big price tag. Do you think it’ll ever be 90%, 80% or even 70% off? I guess I’m pushing it, but a girl can dream right. Do you have any other suggestion for me?

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