Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Mod Podge Black Glitter Flats

I’ve a few small crafty projects line up but still collecting materials for them. However, I’ve been eager to start on an easy project that involved Mod Podge. I’ve seen Mod Podge being used everywhere; from coastal, shoes, tray, etc. When I saw LA in the Bay’s DIY Glitter Heels, it was my motivation. So I decided to Mod Podge an old pair of flat with black glitter, it was super easy. My feet have high arches, so it’s hard for me to find a perfect flats. I love these Soft Spot, but I’ve putted some wear and tear to it. I won’t re-invent the wheels with the steps; so if you want to start your own project, check out her blog.

I picked up these material from ACMoore, I love a bargain so I went ahead and search for a coupon online. Found 40% off coupon, I’m a happy camper.

Outdoor Mod Podge
Black glitter
Bowl - I just used a foam bowl that way I can just trash it afterward.
Form brush

I bought the Crystal Clear Spray for another project, I was going to give it a try as a top coat, but end up didn't used it.

I was home doing this by myself so I couldn't take the step by step photos as my hands were sticky, but I promise it was super easy. The reason I choose Outdoor Mod because I want it to protect from the rain. However, next time I probably won't use Outdoor Mod Podge for the top layer; it felt every thick even thought I only did one layer. I'll probably try the regular Mod or the Mod Glitter. 
Bonus: I was taking these photos for the blogpost, and Leilani came to posted for my camera as well.

Have you done any project with Mod Podge? How do you like it? Please share your projects!

The DIY Dreamer

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